Metronome Update — June 2020

2 min readJul 1, 2020

June was a busy month for the Metronome team, as it continued to build out the MET ecosystem and promote MET’s role in DeFi.

Listings and Integrations

On June 11, the Metronome team announced a MET/ETH pair listing on the Bittrex Global exchange, joining the existing MET/BTC pair. To support the news, Managing Director Jordan Kruger and Communications and Marketing Lead Phil Gomes held an AMA in the Bittrex Global Community Telegram channel. (Review the AMA here.)

Metronome quickly followed the new Bittrex listing by announcing an integration with CoinPayments, a payment processor that enables merchants and businesses to accept MET.

To close out the month, the Metronome team announced a new listing on LAtoken, further broadening the availability of MET.

Content from the Community

In June, one of our community members, John Marks, posted a Medium article discussing Metronome as a reliable monetary system for DeFi. The article was a thoughtful exploration on the Metronome system focusing on its issuance and the Autonomous Converter. The Metronome team later published its own thoughts on the piece and looks forward to more content from John and the rest of the community.


Finally, Jordan Kruger presented Metronome during Messari’s Mainnet conference. Jordan gave a brief introduction on Metronome and its smart contracts before diving into Metronome’s place as a payment layer in the DeFi space. The presentation included impressive DeFi and usage stats, as well as why Metronome’s core principles — portability, reliability and self-governance — have enabled Metronome to anticipate the requirements for a DeFi future.




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