Metronome Synth Moves to Full Production

2 min readApr 18, 2023

After a successful beta, Metronome Synth is thrilled to announce its full production launch, offering a host of new upgrades to enhance crypto accessibility, yield, and user experience.


On January 10th, we launched the Metronome Synth beta, amassing over $4 million in TVL, with consistent feature and collateral upgrades, such as Vesper-LST assets. Your valuable feedback enabled us to address bugs and implement crucial user experience improvements. We genuinely appreciate your support and couldn’t have done it without you!

So, what’s new since the beta? We’ve introduced several exciting upgrades, including some handy smart contract enhancements.

Smart Contract Upgrades

During the beta, we reduced certain features to ensure the protocol could be safely tested, these included a reduced selection of collateral and synthetics, lower collateral factors, reduced liquidity on open market synths, and lower synth mintage caps. Now that we have moved to full production we have introduced the following updates:

  • Increased deposit caps
  • Removal of msDOGE
  • Increased max mintage caps
  • Bug fixes
  • Smart Farming (more to come on this soon)
  • Updated risk parameters
  • Removal of the beta tag

Smart Farming

On the 20th of April, Metronome Synth will introduce its newest innovative tool yet, Smart Farming. This will enable users to loop their Vesper positions in a more efficient way through a single transaction, ultimately increasing APY.

More to come soon. Make sure to stay tuned to our Twitter and Discord for the latest announcements.




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