Metronome now on DeFi Pulse — July Update

The Metronome team is proud to announce that $MET is now listed on DeFi Pulse in the “Assets” category. DeFi Pulse has become a leading go-to resource and community in the decentralized finance ecosystem, providing users a must-reference dashboard for data relating to the top DeFi projects. Metronome provides an autonomous monetary system and asset that is built for DeFi.

Source: Defi Pulse

As illustrated above, over the last few months market interest in the DeFi space has gone more mainstream in the crypto industry. With innovative new developments, DeFi has more users and a higher TVL than ever before — yet we are still in the very early days.

New Exchange Listing

The Metronome team continues to expand the ecosystem this summer. ProBit listed Metronome on July 15, with a MET/USDT trading pair.

We are thankful for the community’s continued support!



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